Widget Framework has been updated

Widget Framework has been updated

We recently updated the Widget Framework application by introducing some important new features that aim to improve its usability. In particular: 


  • Linking method between widgets within the same page has been simplified by introducing checkboxes instead of input parameters:

  • Sorting of widgets within the embed code in case of dependencies has been refined.
  • New “SearchTagsSimple” parameter has been introduced. It allows you to enable or disable tags auto-completion within the search field.
  • Some configuration parameters within the editor have been simplified by introducing multiple choice components instead of text inputs:



Also, two new templates have been introduced:


  • Compact Content List, which provides a vertical arrangement of content, with title and description to the right of the thumbnail 


  • Compact Search, which provides only the input field for the simple search and the ability to filter on the content type





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