Single Customer View elements

Single Customer view is a specific area available on the THRON Sales Insights module. It will give a full overview on each one of your contacts, providing you a complete and realistic detail of their interests and their touch points; and it allows you to anticipate their needs by knowing what their interests are and offer a personalized experience across every channel.


The Single Customer View can be accessed by those users having the permission to manage content strategy. It can be reached from the "Intelligence" section on the menu.


The first thing users will see is the search panel: from this interface you will be able to search for specific contacts by using any of the personal information (identities) used for profiling them, like their email or their username.

When entering the detail of a specific contact you will be able to see the following information:

  • Name: the full name of the contact (it is collected as contactName with the tracking library).
  • Personal Information: the list of all the personal information (identities) collected on that specific contact.
  • Profile: the list of all the tags of the TARGET class related to that specific contact.
  • Last Access: this row displays the date of the last contact's access to your content, the country from where it was accessed and the number of total accesses in the last two months.
  • Interests: this tag cloud shows the most visited tags of the TOPIC class.
  • Recommendations: this section will be present only if a Recommendation application is installed in your THRON platform, it will show you a list of content the specific contact might be interested in.
  • Points of contact: a list of the domains and contexts from which the most visits have been performed by the specific contact.
  • Engagement Timeline: the complete timeline of the visits performed by the specific content; you will be able to see every single visited content, the date of the visit and the linked tags.
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