How to create your own Intranet

How to create your own Intranet

THRON can be exploited in developing innovative Knowledge Base with the following benefits:

  • controlled distribution of the company know-how
  • increased competency of persons
  • improved business performance
  • reduced implementation costs (all partners are connected to a unique repository)


[dropdown:Customize your dashboard]THRON provides its users with a wide range of customizations, allowing you to create a tailored style for your Dashboard, for the player and for the sharing pages. In this way, all your digital communication will be aligned with the look and feel of the brand. Check out this video to see how easy it is to create your own custom style:



[dropdown:Content management]When planning to integrate with THRON on any aspect, the most important thing to do is to centralize content management within THRON, making it the main source of your digital assets. This will help you to have a unique centralized content archive, removing any duplication and increasing your efficiency.

First thing to do is to upload your assets to THRON, you should publish them into a folder where you previously installed a THRON Custom Application Manager application which will be used to retrieve content and display them in your website.

Applications are special THRON users which are not identified by a couple username/password, but by an appId and an appkey (optional). Applications can only provided with read access right on content and users; if needed they can impersonate a business user to perform different actions. Further information can be found in this article. Moreover, applications can only operate on a limited context which is represented by the folder tree in which they have been installed. The steps you have to follow in order to complete such integration are:

    1. Identify the folder tree in which you have imported your digital assets, and on such tree Install the THRON Custom Application Manager
    2. Perform the login using the application’s credentials with the loginApp method

 If you are using a CMS it is important to build a synchronization mechanism so that any action performed on content triggers an update to your CMS. To do so, use JSync service to monitor THRON content updates in a batch process, or subscribe to notification system in order to build a real-time synchronization.

The text of your web pages can be included in a Page content type within THRON; along with all the advantages provided by the platform such as centralized control and tracking of statistics, it will also allow you to handle multilangual pages. Further information on how to extract the body of a page content type can be found in this article.

Make sure you classify all your content by setting up a proper classification in your TOPIC class. This will enable you to track users interests according to the content they view, and thanks to the behavior engine it will allow you to build a personalized communication with your end-users. Further information on how to create an effective tag tree can be found in this article.[/dropdown]

[dropdown:Content distribution]To deliver your content we recommend you to use THRON player, since it offers all the features requested by the content intelligence to work properly. Once you have retrieved the content you want to display by using a findbyProperties request you just have to embed THRON player in order to playback such content. These are some interesting articles which illustrate how to perform optimized content searches using folders, tags or metadata. Since you are delivering your content in a specific context such as an intranet or an extranet, we recommend you to set a new contextId and include it in your embed codes, this will help a quicker retrieval of all the statistics related to the website. Further information on Contexts can be found in this article.

For image content type you can even plan to use the getThumbnail web service, which will provide you with the thumbnail of the proper resolution to fit your div (further information can be found in this article); if you do so, or if you do not plan to use THRON player to deliver content, make sure to integrate THRON tracking library in order to collect data.

A very useful application to boost the distribution of your content reducing your company’s bandwidth consumption is Virtual Accelerator; an application which can be installed both inside and outside your company’s LAN, and built to download and store your content so that its delivery is extremely fast, no matter the location of the request.[/dropdown]

For a deeper understanding of the topics covered in this recipe, you might want to have a look at: [dropdown:Relevant THRON Concepts]

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