How to integrate THRON into your CRM

How to integrate THRON into your CRM

THRON integration with CRM solutions permits to obtain the following benefits:

  • increased customer profiling across all digital channels
  • personalized and relevant digital communication during all the customer journey

                          [dropdown:CRM Synchronization]If you wish to deliver a relevant and contextual content message to your end users according to their interests you have to collect relevant data on the content they view the most. Content Intelligence has been specifically built to collect such data and provide you with all the information on content access performed by your end-users. If you are integrating THRON with a CRM you might want to import your already existing contacts. This can be done by using the webservices of xcontact. We recommend you to have a look at this article for a deeper understanding on how THRON handles contacts.

During contact synchronization it is important to determine which information are essential for a better contact profiling and which information are "ancillary", and might not be considered when interfacing with THRON ecosystem.

THRON allows you to collect highly accurate data on the interest of your contacts through the analysis of access to content. At the same time, it allows you to centralize information about contacts' profile, in order to benefit from the "data driven content strategy" or the ability to analyze data, leading to figure out how to produce more and more efficient content for the respective target.
Moreover, unlike the other systems that collect profiling data on contacts, THRON also manages anonymous contacts thanks to a collection of visits-related data which help you identify the device that is performing the playback; the device is not a profiled contact itself, but it becomes one following a call to action; before this happens, any system can benefit from the knowledge THRON has on this device, such as the history of the visits and interests acquired when viewing content. 
Among the benefits of this integration, the strongest is to enable the Real-Time Recommendation, based on data obtained from contact profiling which happens synergistically both on THRON and on any CRM system.
However, in order to optimize contact profiling and make the most of the content Recommendation algorithm, it is necessary to distinguish between the various properties associated with the contact, and identify those which must be imported into THRON. We distinguish these properties into three types.
Information regarding the identity of the contact:
Those information allow you to uniquely identify the contact itself (id, email, social security number, ...) and must be imported as such; being tied to the identity, two contacts can not have the same key / value pair (eg. "email" => ""). In the THRON environment, such information are represented as a key field within the contact profile. Some Key fields examples are:

  • e-mail
  • FacebookID (or any other social network ID)
  • CRM ID

Relevant information for the contact classification:
Such information can better define the contact and its profile, but do not identify it. They are useful for Data-driven Content Strategy or for Content Recommendation. Such information are represented in the THRON environment as tags, and must populate the TARGET contact's classification. Some relevant TARGET tags examples are:

  • Persona 
  • Lifecycle stage (eg. "Subscriber", "Lead", "Customer")
  • Company role
  • Industry

Information that might be useful to perform searches on contacts:
Such information are not crucial for the specific goals of Data-driven Content Strategy and Content Recommendation, but might be useful in order to speed up the workflow, with faster retrieval of contact's profile. Some examples of this kind of information are:

  • Company name
  • City (address book)

These information do not populate any specific contact's field in THRON, but if necessary, can be imported as contact's metadata.


[dropdown:User Profiling]Once contacts have been created it is important that you start enriching their profiles by linking tags related to TARGET and TOPIC classes; this can be done using the webservices of itag; further information can be found in this article.

From the moment you start using THRON to deliver content across your channels, new contacts will be automatically created thanks to THRON player and its integrated tracking system, or thanks to the tracking library (assuming you are not using THRON player to deliver your content). Have a look at this article to understand how Content Intelligence will automatically enrich the profiling of your contacts.[/dropdown]

For a deeper understanding of the topics covered in this recipe, you might want to have a look at: [dropdown:Relevant THRON Concepts]

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