Some tips to improve your integration with THRON

Some tips to improve your integration with THRON

During the last week we have introduced some new articles that explain how to better interact with THRON platform; more specifically, we have added the following three interesting articles which illustrate available search methods to retrieve content exploiting the most common elements of THRON:

  1. Optimized content search exploiting folders
  2. Optimized content search exploiting tags
  3. Optimized content search exploiting key metadata

Moreover, we suggest you to take a look at the following articles:

  1. Create an effective tag-tree to optimize content retrieving: interesting guidelines to create an effective tag tree;
  2. How can I replace player's posters used to handle errors?: interesting FAQ that explain how to customize player's error messages, very useful for personalized front-ends.

If you have any doubts or you simply want to ask for new tips, don't hesitate to make a comment below or start a chat with us. 

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