Thanks to its integrated tracking library, THRON is capable of monitoring and recording users accessing your content. These users might be initially anonymous, but they are tracked thanks to an identification number associated with the device they are using to access content. Thanks to tags, THRON will start monitoring their interests, according to the content they are watching. As soon as these contacts provide some identity (e.g.: an email address or a username), THRON will match this information with the tracking number previously recorded in its own database.


Using this powerful mechanism you will always be able to offer relevant content to all users connecting to your channels.


These are some basics definitions for a better understanding of THRON Contacts:


  • Device: software or hardware tool used to connect to THRON, just for sample purpose, desktop browser, mobile browser and mobile applications.
  • Contact: a person (anonymous or not) who is using one or more devices.
  • Active contact: a contact who has performed at least a connection (e.g. a login or a visit on a content) in the last 30 days.
  • Identity: an information related to a contact which determines the possibility of indirectly identifying one person. E.g.: ID in a CRM, email, ID in a e-commerce or THRON username. One contact might have more than one identity. Being a platform user is an identity.
  • User: THRON platform user, registered with a precise identity, it has a related contact with a THRON identity.
  • Total contacts: It is the total number of anonymous contacts and contacts with identities registered by THRON platform
  • Total devices: It is the total number of devices registered by THRON platform.


Please note that if a contact uses multiple devices to access content, each of them will be counted separately. For example, if a person during the day is using its office desktop for accessing content within your web site and then at night is using its personal tablet at home, he is in fact accessing your content with two different devices. Hence two devices will be counted, even if the actual person visiting the site is the same.


Note: Device tracking mechanism always operates respecting users privacy, thus it might not be applicable in 100% of cases. Privacy policy can be found at the following url:


Where clientId is the domain name used to access your THRON.


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