Content owner is the business user who created the content. Since owner will always have all content rights which cannot be removed, it will always be able to pull it back from any shared channel, update it, delete it or change other users access rights. Content owner will always have its own content in its personal folder.

Application users will not be content owner because they cannot access THRON Dashboard to keep content sharing and security under control. However, a specific procedure for uploading content via application is provided.

When an administrator removes a user from the platform he must also choose how to manage its existing content by assigning them to a new owner.

Finally, we remind that  author metadata is an additional information which is automatically filled with owner full name, but can be modified at your will.

Ownership applies to folders too. A folder's owner is the user who created it. It will have full access rights on that folders and so on the content therein published. Be aware that a folder's owner cannot be removed from the folder's access list.

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