Content is the most important entity in THRON, it's the digital representation of something which needs to be expressed through digital medium.

Content is usually composed by a source and is enriched by additional information referred to as metadata. A source can be one or more data streams (eg. files).

To simplify content management THRON groups content into different types:

  • Video: single multimedia content consisting of video and audio information;

  • Audio: single multimedia content consisting of audio information only;

  • Image: single content consisting of a raster image (no vector images);

  • Other: single content generated from a document file (e.g. archives);

  • Page: simple content consisting of HTML text, can also be referred to as Pagelet for disambiguation purposes;

  • Playlist: content consisting of an ordered sequence of simple content of the same type (audio, video or image);

Content Properties

Each content is enriched by a set of additional information called metadata, which could be defined by users or applications. Additional metadata can be provided in multiple languages. THRON languages management is configured according to ISO 639-1 standard.

Metadata used to enrich any content are mandatory and their value is always defined (default values are automatically generated if not provided by users or applications when creating content), THRON provides such metadata for any content type:

NOTE:Mandatory=metadata must be defined to allow content creation; Multi-language= metadata value can be set for each available language.

  • Title (150 characters max): label describing content, often used for minimal content identification [mandatory], [multi-language]

  • Description (10000 characters max): additional content information such as abstract or short description [multi-language]

  • Creation date: timestamp identifying when content has been created in THRON [mandatory]

  • Last update: timestamp identifying last content update action, includes metadata updates, content source updates, content classification (tag) updates [mandatory]

  • Owner: label identifying THRON user having full access rights on this content [mandatory]

  • Author (128 characters max): label identifying content author, by default it matches the Owner [mandatory]

  • Pretty ID: a human-readable label used to build SEO oriented URLs [multi-language]

  • Furthermore, each content is represented within THRON platform by a unique identifier called xcontentId.

Content might have additional metadata which are inherited by tags. Further information on tags can be found here, whereas tag-related metadata are illustrated in this article.

Content may also include special parameters enriched by "social" actions, allowing you to measure users’ feedback or content appreciation:

  • average rate: ratings are expressed by users using an integer number between 1 and 5;

  • comments: through external applications (eg. webTVs ) users can leave comments on each content. These comments will be listed and can be moderated using the Comment moderation application.


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