Content Sharing

Content sharing represents the action of content’s distribution and it can be expressed through a variety of different destinations. It is usually managed from the “Shareboard” interface available in THRON Dashboard.

Content can be shared by those users having the right to do so (see “Rights” for more info). Available destinations for content sharing are:    

  • Specific users: content will be available in target user’s personal folder
  • Specific groups: content will be available in target group members’ personal folder
  • Specific public folders: content will be available in specific public folder
  • Social network: content will be available (read only) on specific social networks (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Email: a link to a specific customizable webpage will be delivered via e-mail to external users
  • Embed: content can be embedded (using THRON player) into external websites, you will be able to choose both classic embed and iframe.
  • Link: content will be available in a specific customizable webpage

THRON handles the sharing process by means of a specific access key, called “pkey”, which is mandatory to access each specific content sharing. Each time a content is shared a new pkey is created.

Any content sharing is always revocable: from the time it is revoked the content is no longer accessible from that specific destination whether if it was a user, a group, a folder or an embed (websites and social networks are identified by means of a specific pkey).

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