Platform Limits

For safety and performance reasons, there are some limitations on the platform usage, and in particular on the links that may exist between different entities within THRON. Current limitations of the platform are the following:



  • Minimum supported resolution: 1024x768 (Recommended 1280x800)
  • Maximum number of ACL that can be added to a content or a folder at a time: 50.



  • Maximum number of elements included in users/groups visibility list: 100
  • Maximum number of participants to a conversation: 100
  • Maximum number of groups to which a user can be added: 500
  • Maximum size for users' avatar: 30 MB.



  • Contacts that remain inactive for more than 24 months will be automatically deleted
  • Maximum number of "tags" (intelligence) on a contact: for each class a contact can have up to 50 tags created by users and up to 50 tags created by the behavior engine



  • Maximum number of participants (acl) to a PRIVATE live event: 500



  • Maximum number of sharings (ACL) on a folder: 200
  • Maximum number of applications in a folder: 50



  • Maximum number of characters of a note for each version: 10000
  • Maximum number of folders in which the content can be published: 100
  • Maximum number of shares (ACL) for each content: 200 (folders have their specific limit and are excluded from this count)
  • Maximum number of custom metadata for a content: 100
  • Maximum number of "tags" (intelligence) on a content: for each class a content can have up to 50 tags created by users and up to 50 tags created by the semantic engine or linked to the content by the Behavior engine.
  • Maximum number of elements in a playlist: 500
  • Maximum size of a Page content: 2MB (html)
  • Maximum number of attachments for each content: 100
  • Maximum number of recommended contents for each content: 100 
  • Maximum number of simultaneous uploads: 100
  • Maximum file size for content upload via FTP/S3/web resource: 30 GB
  • Maximum file size for content upload from local resource: 5 GB
  • Maximum file size for documents: 100MB
  • Maximum FTP area size: 40 GB (if more space is needed, consider using the S3 import method).



  • Maximum number of metadata related to a tag (definition): 100
  • Maximum number of nodes in a tag tree (joined tags included): 1000 (each tree can have up to 999 sub-nodes or joined tags)
  • Maximum number of joined tags on a specific tag: 99
  • Maximum depth of a tag tree: 10
  • Maximum number of classes: 5 
  • Maximum number of users/apps/groups (shareboard) which can be defined in a class: 100
  • Maximum number of externalIds for each tag: 100
  • For each TB of storage, THRON Semantic Engine will automatically tag up to 200.000 content



  • Statistics older than 24 months will be automatically deleted



There are three types of rate-control:

  • No rate limits for all delivery services erogated by our CDN (e.g. getContentDetail), static resources and assets.
  • Ingestion services(e.g. JContent/insert) and all update services (POST requests) are subject to a rate control which might slow down or even block the single request.
  • Search-related services (e.g. findByProperties/list) are subject to a control on the execution timing to prevent non-optimized queries: max 30 seconds.
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