THRON Multimedia Proxy

THRON Multimedia Proxy

THRON Multimedia Proxy is an appliance based on Docker, properly built for native integration with THRON platform and its services. It has been created to be positioned within corporate LANs to accelerate content delivery thus improving user experience. THRON platform, combined with the extraordinary capabilities of the Multimedia Proxy, allows users to enjoy multimedia content up to fullHD quality with simplicity and without invading the ordinary performance of the enterprise network.

It has been designed to be deployed and configured within intranets, improving and/or optimizing Internet bandwidth for the internal use of multimedia content (live and/or on demand) which are served to different clients, desktops, Digital Signage terminals (e.g. totems or displays), in store radios, mobile devices and tablets. All contents are delivered by HTTP/HTTPS protocol for both static and multimedia content, http-streaming live and on-demand streaming (HLS for iOS and Android devices, HDS for “traditional” personal computers), assets like images, html, and other web interface elements assuming they are hosted within “weebo” or “thron” domain.

Moreover, THRON Multimedia Proxy can divert the entire multimedia traffic generated by the platform towards dedicated lines for all LAN users, thus separating the normal operation of the intranet from digital communication activities.

Media traffic within corporate LAN can potentially be very costly in terms of bandwidth usage, both in case of “live streaming” events and in case of “on demand” content distribution, thus quickly degrading intranet performance. By adopting THRON Multimedia Proxy all connections can be optimized in order to use bandwidth required for the playback of a single stream and/or file download: connectivity impacts only during the first access to content; all subsequent requests will be distributed from the local network. The following technical documentation is also available in the download area.

In this article you can find a comparison between THRON Multimedia Proxy and traditional WAN accelerators.

You can find more information on THRON Multimedia Proxy within the Marketplace.

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