Tag-related Metadata

In THRON you can also have a deeper level of content classification, which is the most punctual. This level is identified by tag-related metadata which are commonly used to give specific information on a specific category of content, such as the color of an article, its material, or its product code.

These metadatas are defined within tags and assigned to all the content related to that specific tag.  Each metadata is identified by a “key” which is an identification code used by web services and SDKs; and a “label” which is the name of the metadata itself. Both information are set during the creation process.

Available metadata types are:

  • Text (both monolingual and multilingual)
  • Number
  • Boolean
  • Single selection
  • Multiple selection
  • Color
  • Date
  • Key

Key metadata is specifically designed to perform optimized search on content; you can find more information here.

Each metadata might also have additional properties such as:

  • Mandatory: meaning that it has been added to a content through a tag , its definition is mandatory
  • Visible: meaning that  this metadata can be seen by users within THRON Dashboard.

Since metadata are related to tags and tags are organized into "trees", if a metadata is related to a "parent" tag, it will be inherited by all its "child" tags.

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