THRON provides its users with a special area called “Trash”, in which all removed content are stored. There are two different levels of Trash.


The first level is the Personal Trash: this is the area where each user can find content that have been deleted and for which he is the owner, regardless of who deleted them.


The second level is the System Trash: here you will find all the content that have been deleted by users; in fact it is the sum of all Personal Trashes. This second level is accessible only by those users who have the specific Administrative Permission.


Within System Trash it is possible to determine content persistence (this parameter will effect both system and personal trash), which is the time before of which they are permanently deleted. Content in Trash can be either restored or permanently deleted by users. Once a content is moved to Trash, it will lose all its shares, while all the links with other content (attachments or recommended) will be preserved. If the content was used as recommended or attachment by other content, it will have to be re-linked.


IMPORTANT: Please note that once a content is deleted from trash (either manually or automatically), it will be PERMANENTLY deleted from the Platform, and it cannot be brought back in any way.

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