THRON processes any content provided in order to improve its accessibility. An important processing step is Thumbnail generation: THRON generates multiple thumbnails for each content.

Thumbnails are public assets (they do not require any authentication to be accessed) and are usually retrieved with public content metadata, if you own images or documents with sensitive information we strongly recommend to replace their thumbnail (instructions can be found here)

Content thumbnail can be changed at any time. 

Default settings provide different resolutions for content thumbnail:

  • Width: 4096 px; 1920px ; 1024px ; 720px ; 520px ; 340px ; 240px ; 160px ; 75px 

  • Height: is calculated by preserving content's aspect ratio.

If custom thumbnails resolutions are needed, we suggest you to read this article.

Thumbnail's quality is lower than a regular image in order to optimize its size and accessibility performances.

When managing documents instead of multimedia files, if the original content's format is supported then a thumbnail will be generated from the document's first page.

The following is a list of the supported document's formats for automatic thumbnail generation:

Format Extensions
Text files txt; xml (managed as plain text)
Microsoft Office documents doc; docx; docxm; ppt; pptx; pptxm; xls; xlsx; xlsxm
Open/Libre/Star Office Documents ods; odt; odp; odf
PDF Files pdf
Postscript File / Encapsulated Postscript ps, eps
Image files bmp; jpeg; jpg; gif; png

NOTE: If the content is a playlist, THRON will try to apply the thumbnail by copying it from one of the first five elements. If none of the first five elements has a thumbnail, THRON will apply a default image.

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