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THRON is capable of managing simple but powerful content relationships: you can "link" content together in different ways to provide users a "path" for content exploration/viewing.

The simple way to create a relationship between content is to "link" them: linked content are used by THRON player to provide users a quick way to view content related to the one being played. Content with a "link" relationship are referred to as "linked content". Once this type of relationship has been created, the access control on linked content (acl rules) id delegated to the main content: all users who have the right to access the main content will be able to view its linked content.

A different kind of relationship between content is the "attachment": attached content will be available for download when a content is being played by THRON player.

Different content types have different characteristics:

  • audio, video, document content will provide a transcoded file when downloaded as attachment in order to maximize accessibility and to prevent users to obtain source code/document with no authentication enforcement;
  • images and generic content will trigger source file download when accessed as attachment because, due to browsers implementations, there is no way to protect source file/code from being downloaded;

Content relationships can be also defined using content similarity: content can be classified using tags, such tags define content's profile thus allowing similarity to be calculated. According to the level of similarity, relationships between content will be automatically created or recommended.

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