Each user has its own private folder. Private folder acts in a similar way to inbox folder of your mail client: it shows all content you created or received. Private folder is available (thus visible) only to the specific user accessing THRON. Content listed inside private folder may not be private (shared users and groups can be seen on Shareboard). Each user is provided with an additional personal area called “Trash”. This area hosts all removed content belonging to the user itself. Content inside Trash area can be restored without any further transcoding process or permanently deleted.

Public folders mime the well known shared file server directory paradigm: a public folder is an area where you can put content you want to be accessible (with specific rights) to a defined set of users and groups. Public folders are defined by a name ([mandatory],[multilanguage]), an ID, and an optional parent folder.  

Topmost level folders are often referred to as “main” folders and are the only folders where access rights can be managed. In order to keep simple the folder management, subfolders are forced to inherit access rights from their “main” folder, anyway, it will be possible to set a different access rights set on the subfolders.

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