THRON offers a number of pre-packaged tools that allow to perform specific actions on its key elements (i.e, content and users). These packages are called "applications", and they can be installed and configured through the Marketplace. Thanks to their integration with THRON platform, it is possible to enrich any custom project maintaining full control and reliability.  Those integration tools are usually created as “connectors”, which means THRON applications are standard and can be provisioned/de-provisioned by customers in a self-service way.

Each application is assigned with a special user (application type) and is provided with “username & password” (appId and appKey in THRON’s terms).

Each application has pre-defined access rights (eg. Can write content, can update users, can create folders, etc) depending on integration features.

THRON applications may be installed on public folders only by those users with the administrative permission "Can buy and manage applications"; this permission enables users to access Marketplace. These users will also be capable of seeing apps created by others, even though they can manage only their own. All users without this permission will not see Marketplace area unless they are included within the access list of at least one application.

Public folders on which applications have been installed, will be differentiated within Dashboard with a specific "A" icon.

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