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THRON Player is the easiest way to access content: it's a document viewer as well as a multimedia player, it provides embedded tracking library and allows users to customize its appearance and behavior.



THRON Player’s architecture is modular: it is made of three main elements performing specialized tasks:  

  • the "bootstrapper" which is the element in charge of loading the proper version of the Player;
  • the “core” which manages the loading of the js and css files to build the Player's customization and loads all the information related to the content to be displayed, such as the title, the description and the content url. It then selects the proper module for content reproduction.
  • the "modules" are: video-min.js, video-gallery-min.js, audio-min.js, audio-gallery-min.js, image-min.js, image-gallery-min.js, doc-min.js, downloadable-min.js


THRON player is always updated to latest architectures and technologies while ensuring compatibility with the following desktop browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Firefox 3.5 and later
  • Chrome, all versions
  • Safari OSX 9 and later


Since mobile operating systems are updated frequently, we fully test and support only the latest versions on the most popular devices and mobile browsers:

Browser Operating System Devices
Safari on iPhone iOS 8+ iPhone 4s through current
Safari on iPad iOS 8+ iPad 2 through current
Chrome on Android Android 4.2+ Any running Android 4.0


THRON player can deliver all content that the platform can handle. The following table illustrates the delivering technology for each content type.

Content type

Available delivering technology

On-demand video

HTTP streaming, Progressive download

Live video

HTTP streaming

On-demand audio

Progressive download

Live audio

HTTP streaming


Progressive download


Progressive download


Progressive download

Other (i.e., archives)

Direct download

URL Content



Audio and Video specific behavior

Video content users can also upload SRT-formatted subtitles files (via administration console) which may be localized (i.e., “linked to a language”). This functionality is not available on iOS devices.

For live video and audio content types it is possible to set a custom “poster image” which will be shown during the player startup, before the content playback starts (if you are streaming an audio content, poster will be shown during content playback also). 

While reproducing video and audio content types, users will be able to manually switch among different levels of quality.


Document specific behavior

Office documents like wordprocessor files, spreadsheets or presentation files are processed by THRON and rendered as a "continuous page flow" document. THRON Player embeds a simple control bar to zoom, pan and navigate through document content with ease.


Image specific behavior

Image content have specific behaviors because they have no duration or other "time based" playback and are usually embedded inside HTML pages with simple tags. THRON player keeps its control bar at minimum to allow seamless integration within web pages, and offers immersive zoom to "dive" into the image preserving the highest available quality.




Player's skin is entirely customizable in look and behavior both by editing js and css files thus creating a new template, or by using the visual editor which is included in the Content Experience Manager within THRON Dashboard.

Each css class of the skin is identified by a prefix "th-" to avoid any possible collision with the css used by the pages where the Player is included.

The elements of the bars can be moved by following the guidelines presented in this portal.


Advertising management module

THRON Player provides advertising content playback functionality thanks to its integration with IMA SDK Library developed by Google. All the available APIs which can be used in order to leverage advertising can be found here, while a full compatibility list of all supported platforms can be found at this page.


Events tracking management 

THRON player has an integrated tracking module which has two main features:

  • It is capable of identifying basic users interactions with THRON content, such as: "content has been watched"
  • It is capable of collecting information on users accessing your content, identifying them through their devices. 

This module is based on three simple events launched by the player itself. Data collected from these events allow you to determine valuable information such as the number of visualizations for your content and their approval on specific portions of your content, rather than on your content as a whole. Moreover, thanks to the information collected on users (type of device used, operating system, country of origin and channel etc.), combined with Content Intelligence, it is capable of identifying users interests, allowing you to offer content capable of catching the attention of your viewers.

Tracking module will assign a unique ID to any device accessing your content and, as soon as users provide their identity (e.g.: through a login service), it combines tracking information collected until that moment with the new obtained identity. Further information can be found here.

Note: Device tracking mechanism always operates respecting users privacy, thus it might not be applicable in 100% of cases.

An important feature of this library is that it can be integrated to any project exploiting THRON content, even though you are not using THRON player.

These are the main events launched by THRON player:

  • trackLoad: is launched every time THRON player has started content playback. It is launched for any content type.
  • trackProgress: is launched periodically for audio and video content while it is launched each time a users scrolls on a new page in case of documents. The interval between one progress and the other for audio and video content depends on content's length and it goes from a minimum of 1 second to a maximum of 1 minute, so that there are at least 10 trackProgress events for each content. It is not launched for Images and Pages.
  • trackSeek: is launched each time a user moves forward or backwards on content stream. It is launched for audio and video content only.
  • trackDownload: launched when a user downloads one of the attachments provided by the Player itself.


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