How to configure your HubSpot Connector

How to configure your HubSpot Connector

In order to start the integration between THRON and HubSpot you will have to provide the connector with the following information related to your HubSpot account:

  • portal ID
  • client ID
  • client Secret
  • Application ID
  • API Key

Retrieving the portal ID is pretty simple: when the user accesses its HubSpot portal he sees its portal ID (HUB ID) in the upper right corner of the screen.





In order to retrieve the other information (client ID, client secret, application ID and API Key) you must create a new application for HubSpot integration. You will have to register in the Developers Portal. Once your account has been activated, just log on and click on the "Get Started" button.



Then pick any name you ike for your application, but make sure you select the option:

  • One off. Only my portal will get value out of this amazing app



Once this application has been created, the user will be sent to the application's interface. In the "Detail" tab you will be able to find the following information:

  • app ID
  • client ID
  • client secret



Finally, the API Key can be generated and retrieved within the "Integrations" section, which can be reached by any subscribed developer via the following url:<portalID>/hubspot-integrations

In the left column of this page you will find the voice "Get your HubSpot API Key" which will allow you to create an API Key or to view already existing ones.

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